Providing artwork for paper printing

  If you cannot add Bleed/Trim to your artwork , please read "Cannot change artwork file" under this section.No matter what size of your printing matter is, a standard artwork needs to follow this "Bleed/Trim/Live Area" guideline.
Trim size is the size of the finshed page.

Bleed,  To produce a bleed is to print on paper larger than the final page size and cut down to the correct (trim) size after printing. The allowance for bleed is 4 mm.

Live Area, all text needs to stay within this area unless you want it to bleed off the page. All photos or other graphics that you do not want to bleed need to stay within this area. The 8mm. margin allows the printing press to have room to trim properly.




g7 block_1500

Can't change your artwork ?

In case the artwork cannot be changed and no parts of it can be cut out, we will reduce the size of your artwork to be placed on the paper leaving 4mm. white border around. See the picture belowg7-artwork-reduced-size

File format for printing

PDF-Icon-50JPG-IconTo make sure that we produce the same output as you see on your side, you need to convert and send your file in jpg or pdf format.  Our preferred file format for receiving artwork is as a pdf. In case you want us to change text on your artwork,

  1. Please send us your original file with all fonts used in your file (Photoshop or Illustrator or InDesign).
  2. All linked files are used by your Illustrator or InDesign file.