Large size printing

Large size printing (4)

Large size printing made by the inkjet printer is good for sizes from A3 up to several metres, depending on your purposes.


  • Indoor print: viewing distance from 50 cm, sharp images, suitable for department stores and exhibitions.
  • Outdoor print: viewing distance from 1 metre, durable and usually made from Vinyl.
  • Our printer resolution: Indoor 1200 dpi // Outdoor 720 dpi and 1440 dpi

Foam Board

mix-foam board
Our customer, AIT Academy of Information Technology, used foam boards to display their students' portfolios at TK Park, Central World, Bangkok - November 2012.



mix-roll-up-bannerThe most popular choice in the trade show industry. Roll-up banner stands are a snap to assemble - simply attach the pole to the base, roll the banner up, and hook it to the top of the pole.

DSC 2288Samples of vinyl banner

for outdoor display


Sticker on foam board Adhesive sticker is printed and mounted on a 5-mm foam board. It is a nice option to display images at your shop or house. 
phuket-bird-park1  phuket-bird-park2